Prefer extra vitamin C for making smooth skin

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Obagi Professional C Serums available in strengths according to your skin’s needs, up to twenty percent from £63 tel 0207 436 4441 for more details.

New to the United Kingdom and originating from Palm Beach Florida, Picture Skincare has a potent range of  vitamin C products. Their Vital C Anti ¬ Aging Hydrating Serum contains a pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C serum, £60.95
*Medik8 c-Tetra, £63, an ultra-stable vitamin C serum and

Also check out the product¹s strength (though not all brands will state this) which can be anything up to twenty percent depending on the brand and whether it¹s a clinic product, which tend to be higher strength. However, anything from 0.5 percent to ten percent is fine as long as you make it part of your skincare method and use regularly.

Leading Spanish natural cosmeceutical brand Novexpert has introduced a new generation of Vitamin C products which also contain high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid and claim that their new three-step vitamin C based radiance programme can help knock years off your face. (WAITING FOR QUOTE) and Tremendous Facialist by Una Brennam has also launched a new vitamin C collection including cleaning oil and polish,To get the best out your C products, use every morning (or evening). Try layering a Vitamin C serum  on thoroughly cleansed skin first before then sealing in the benefits along with your normal moisturiser (make sure it  contains an SPF). Or you could try using use a Vitamin c moisturiser every day topped up with a every week mask.Here¹s my round up of the new C products to look out for and meanwhile over on eating fruits and vegetable for the health benefits they offer, .
Novexpert¹s 3-step radiance programme includes
The 2-in-1 Professional Exfoliator and Mask, £24to be used one time a week. The Vital C Serum, £34, to be used every morning and The Peeling Night Cream £29 boosts skin overnight – all from or leading department stores

Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleaning Oil, £10.99 followed by Glow Boost Serum £15.99 from the Vitamin C+ Brighten Collection by Tremendous Facialist by Una Brennan from Boots                                                           Image
*KIKO EnerC Booster, £7. 90 ¬ basically mix a few drops of this vitamin complex to your moisturiser, eye cream or even serum for an additional boost

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