Never Avoid These small Affliction: Take Preferable cure on Time

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Problem City Eyes (Eye wrinkles bags and tired eyes)                           Image

Treatment: Pelleve a lunchtime fix that literally irons out wrinkles and boosts collagen. The pain free procedure is quick with no downtime   and the results are excellent – you’ll see an instant lifting and tightening effect and a reduction in lines and wrinkles. Using radio frequency, it works by heating the deep layers of the skin without damaging the epidermis or top layer. This heat initially causes the collagen in the skin to contract and tighten, then after treatment, the skin starts producing new collagen, improving skin quality, firmness and tightness. Results can be seen immediately and should last up to six months. Great for wrinkles around the eyes, lines or folds between the eyebrows, lines on the forehead, creepy eyelids, crow’s feet or a tired or unhappy expression. It present, you have two separate but closely related features-

A. a “tear trough” (a valley between the lower eyelid soft tissue and the cheek mound)

B. Lines in the skin of the lower lid accentuated by smiling on face

At least, avoid prolonged sun exposure, wear sunglasses, and another anti sunlight things to save your face skin by sun and hydrate with sunblock (not sunscreen) SPF 15 or greater, as you are already doing. Applying nightly retinoic acid is beneficial, but what is the strength, and for how long have you done it? That is a gradual process that is often not noticeable unless monthly photos are placed side-by-side. Next level up to choose from would be a filler (Juvederm or Restylane) injected to the tear trough, and small amounts of Botox for the lower lid wrinkles.  I would advise against something like a   (eyelid lift) for at least another 10 years.

Problem  Moobs (male breasts)                   Image

The most common method for reducing male breasts (known as / male breast reduction) quickly and easily is by perfect body shape – a laser is inserted through a tiny incision around the breast to melt the excess fat which is then gently suctioned away. A radio frequency arm will also help shrink back loose skin. The procedure takes around thirty minutes and is carried out using a local anesthetic. Expect about one week’s downtime and there may be some bruising but the results are permanent. From? 2k 0207 436 4441

Men of any age, who is healthy and emotionally stable are considered good candidates for male breast reduction surgery. The best candidates are those who have firm, elastic skin that will reshape to the body’s new contours. In some instances, surgery may be discouraged for overweight men who have not first tried an exercise and diet regimen.



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