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Madonna Mitts Makeover ­ there’s been an 18 per cent increase in women having anti aging hand procedures to banish their Madonna mitts so called after the singer who famously covers her hands. Laser fat reduction is an excellent treatment to plump up scrawny hands and disguise prominent veins. We are also see excellent results using laser resurfacing to improve sun damaged skin and Biomimetic Injections, which revitalizes dull dry skin, reduces wrinkles tightens pores and plumps up the skin- both from £200 a session  – 0207 436 4441

Bottoms up – according to a report in the New York Times, there is a growing trend in bottom shaping procedures ­ for men.  At our clinic we¹ve seen male Treatments   up by over 50 per cent as men realise their appearance can impact what happens to them in the workplace and become more willing to defy age and gravity through cosmetic procedures. .  Most men plump for fat injections to give them a peachy bottom effect hoping to increase their bottom line at work, perhaps or fat to fill hollow faces.  From £2.5k downtime up to four days and results last up to three years

Baby fat Eyes – Korean women started this trend by having surgery to create puffy pouches of skin or baby fat under each eye, where they are known as eye smiles. The Koreans who seem to be leading the way in creative cosmetic surgery uk believe eye bags make a person look younger by making the eyes look bigger and that the puffiness is similar to the effect of someone smiling. The under eye area is very fragile and needs an experienced doctor when doing any treatment though we don¹t recommend this procedure ­ a safer alternative here is to treat hollow eyes with an injectable  – from £300. 0207 436 4441

The new Permanent Smile – a new disturbing procedure again from Asia, involves creating tiny incision to raise the corners of the patient¹s mouth to give them a permanent smile, which we don¹t recommend We prefer the New Lip treatment, which uses a new hyaluronic filler Restylane Lip Refresh which gives a natural definition and a youthful gloss texture ­ results last six months From £250


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