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Our temples are often overlooked, but as we age they get hollow from a loss of fat, which can cause unsightly blue veins to show through. Sculptra is a collagen stimulator which is injected and can re-inflate this delicate area to replace lost volume, boost collagen levels and help to improve skin quality.  You may need up to four treatments, a month apart, and best result, and best results are seen around four months after treatments.

Over-Exfoliate – Too much scrubbing can exacerbate oil production, or even tear the skin’s delicate barrier. Once or twice a week is fine.

Skin Overload – Sometimes less is more. Too many ingredients, or too many of the same ones, have been known to cause sensitivity and breakouts. What The biggest culprits? Active ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and benzoyl peroxide. Use to avoid skin overload.


Crash Diets and excessive exercise – Both can eat away at lean muscle, resulting in sagging and gaunt cheeks. Get sweaty after a workout? Always cleanse immediately, as your pores can become inflamed through sweat and salt.

Cleanse properly :  Put away those wipes! Many contain alcohol that can dry or irritate the skin. It’s better to go with a cleanser involving water like HSS gentle.

You may not realize you’re doing this, but it’s tempting licks your lips when they’re dry. This makes them worse, removing the natural oils. Exfoliate once a week with a dry.

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