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Do you brows now reflect the years of angst teenage over-plucking? If so, 3d brows building can help. It works on the principle of eyelash extensions; hundreds of teeny tiny little hairs are glued to the existing brows. Where there is no hair, a course is recommended alongside applications of the miracle-growth solution revitabrow. Six months later you’ll have cultivated you very own furry friends.

2.  OLD Injuries

Do you sigh when you sit down? Creak when you climb onto a horse? Then take yourself off to beauty and the blog works west, where Dr Daniel sister is pioneering a new use for PRP (platelet-rich plasma): to restore movement to stiff joints and help mend old injuries. There’s the usual taking of blood and spinning and separating of platelets, but this time the concentrated, stem-cell-rich solution is anti-inflammatory agents. Once injected into, say, detached cartilage or a damaged nerve. It sets about repairing and reinforcing the tissue. The jabs are hardly pain-free, but give it a month or two and see how much better things feel – less niggle, more nimble.


Whatever your gripe-scarring, blotchy pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation or vitiligo (white patches of skin lacking in melanin) – Re cell can help. A tiny sample is taken from skin close to the site and the cells separated before being turned into a spray solution. Once applied to the area to be treated. The solution helps in healthy cells. Once applied to the area to be treated, the solution helps to encourage the growth of new skin cells that match surrounding areas in terms of color and texture. This use of re cell is still fairly new to the cosmetic-treatments game, but the results are promising: texture is improved and blotchiness noticeably evened out.


Let’s address the issue of toenails, which-you’ll come to notice, if you haven’t already-thicken over time. Bastian Gonzalez (very charming, very French podiatrist, and authority on all things nail-related)-solution to homey toe-talons. His signature pedicure claims to restore both the nail and the nail bed to rude health by employing some clever techniques. Followed by exfoliation using a crushed-pearl paste to soften corrugated ridges and, lastly, buffing with chamois leather. All this vigorous Pedi-action massages the chamois leather. All this vigorous Pedi-action massage the nail bed, improving blood flow and giving a healthy pink glow and high shine to the surface. Best foot forward and all that.

For more information: permanent lip enhancement



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