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Claire Richards:

–          I treat myself to a mini facial using the Gentle facial cleanser followed by the Forma Serum ¬ much better for the skin!

Gillian Taylforth:

–          Stemcellution is a brilliant range. It   contains ingredients normally found in products, twice the cost.

Andrea Mclean:

–          I love Mask’s miracle; it gives a fresh bright look to my skin

Patsy Kensit:

–          Stem Cellution Anti Ageing Serum is my secret for an air brushed look.

Sam Womack:

–          For an instant glow I always use Spotless Pore Minimizing with crushed diamonds ¬ pure luxury in a jar!

Jessie Wallace:

–          I rely on All Day Moisturizers – it works a treat for rehydrating my skin especially after working under hot camera lights for hours on end

Karen Barber:

–          My secret ¬ Eye Refining Serum ¬at last an eye cream that includes sunscreen and it instantly brightens the eye area.

Patsy Palmer:

–          Spot buster is a lifesaver especially before a big red carpet event

Lisa Maxwell:

–          Ageless Line Eraser is brilliant, like Botox in a bottle! I couldn¹t do without it.

Lucy Speed:

–          Spotless Spot buster is my hero product – I just dab it on and the next day any sign of inflammation has gone. Magic!

Lucy Benjamin:

–          Forget facelifts ¬ Firma Serum plumps, blurs lines and brightens my skin

Kim Taylforth:

–          Thanks to Brown Spot Remover my hands look great.

Lizzie Cundy:

–          You simply have to try Glyco Serum; it gives my skin a gorgeous healthy glow

Alex Best:

–          StemCellution Miracle Mask, simply the best!

Lysette Anthony:

–          I simply adore the Overnight Moisturizers .I wake up looking rested and rejuvenated.

Sam Fox:

–          I¹m constantly touring so couldn¹t be without I Intensive Moisturizers, my skin drinks it up as it¹s ultra hydrating


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