Our customer feedback list | Harley Street Skin Clinic

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Claire Richards:

–          I treat myself to a mini facial using the Gentle facial cleanser followed by the Forma Serum ¬ much better for the skin!

Gillian Taylforth:

–          Stemcellution is a brilliant range. It   contains ingredients normally found in products, twice the cost.

Andrea Mclean:

–          I love Mask’s miracle; it gives a fresh bright look to my skin

Patsy Kensit:

–          Stem Cellution Anti Ageing Serum is my secret for an air brushed look.

Sam Womack:

–          For an instant glow I always use Spotless Pore Minimizing with crushed diamonds ¬ pure luxury in a jar!

Jessie Wallace:

–          I rely on All Day Moisturizers – it works a treat for rehydrating my skin especially after working under hot camera lights for hours on end

Karen Barber:

–          My secret ¬ Eye Refining Serum ¬at last an eye cream that includes sunscreen and it instantly brightens the eye area.

Patsy Palmer:

–          Spot buster is a lifesaver especially before a big red carpet event

Lisa Maxwell:

–          Ageless Line Eraser is brilliant, like Botox in a bottle! I couldn¹t do without it.

Lucy Speed:

–          Spotless Spot buster is my hero product – I just dab it on and the next day any sign of inflammation has gone. Magic!

Lucy Benjamin:

–          Forget facelifts ¬ Firma Serum plumps, blurs lines and brightens my skin

Kim Taylforth:

–          Thanks to Brown Spot Remover my hands look great.

Lizzie Cundy:

–          You simply have to try Glyco Serum; it gives my skin a gorgeous healthy glow

Alex Best:

–          StemCellution Miracle Mask, simply the best!

Lysette Anthony:

–          I simply adore the Overnight Moisturizers .I wake up looking rested and rejuvenated.

Sam Fox:

–          I¹m constantly touring so couldn¹t be without I Intensive Moisturizers, my skin drinks it up as it¹s ultra hydrating


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How skin become wake up mode

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The cause as we get older, cell renewal takes longer which can mean a buildup of dead skin cells, making skin look lifeless.

Instant fix skip heavy foundation and use a glow enhancer. Soap & Glory visual flaw softening lotion has light-reflecting pigments to softly diffuse fine lines.


The cause the skin around the eyes is always the first to show signs of wear and tear, so too many late nights or lack of sleep can leave them looking puffy of sleep can leave them looking puffy and wrinkly.

Instant fix eye patches will instantly erase signs of fatigue and for an added boost keep them in the fridge!


The cause tiredness, over-indulgence, and sun damage can leave your skin looking like an unnamed bed.

Instant fix– Try one of the new hydrating foundations that are hitting foundations that are hitting the shelves. Maybelline super stay better skin foundation, gives flawless, and all day coverage.


Incorporate vitamin c into your daily skin routine to help boost collagen and restore radiance. At the clinic, get brighter skin with a course of three microderabrasion treatments, two weeks apart, from each.

Long-term solution

Look for an eye treatment cream. Harley street skin ageless eye refining serum is enriched with vitamins to reduce puffiness and lines. At the clinic, pelleve rejuvenates the eye area. Radio frequency energy is delivered to the skin and lifts it.

Long-Term Solution

Use a moisturizer which corrects uneven skin tone. Olay regenerate luminous skin tone perfecting cream moisturizer helps to correct uneven pigments. At the clinic, smartxide laser boosts collagen for smoother skin.


Latest hi-tech beauty gizmos which delivers most beauty

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Switch on the latest hi-tech beauty gizmos you can use at home, which deliver clinic-style results at fraction of the cost. Each gizmos have simple designed and comfortable used and no side effects. Harley street expert Dr. Aamer khan recommended better option for his customers those could be careful about beauty.


Body buffer

Elle Macpherson body brush is a rechargeable body polisher which boosts circulation to help exfoliate and tighten skin. It’s safe enough for sensitive skin and also everyday use – just moisturize afterwards.

Skin Buffer

Fancy a facial-worthy complexion? Olay Regenerate 3 point super cleansing system, removes four times more make-up and grime than manual cleansing for super squeaky-clean skin!


Love My Skin Spotlight is a small portable gadget which uses red light therapy, the light that helps regenerate skin cells and clear spots. Use it for one minute, three times a day. The gadget filorga mesotherapist, and brilliant at home treatment inspired by clinical mesotherapy treatments which you use every other day in the evening. After three weeks skin will be supple, firm and radiant.


Bliss fatgirlslim lean machine contouring system is a vacuums massager, which reduce the look of cellulite. Use the cream beforehand and the lifting, rolling, pulsing action will work with the cream to help firm.

Hair Removal

Remington i-light pro intense pulsed light hair removal, uses the same technology as salons, bt it’s fast, easy and painless. Initially use three time, two weeks apart to target hair and result should last up to six months.

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Prepare your garage more secure with amazing tips

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Is necessary to keep garage in your home or not? Many people arises same question among the public. But I always to suggest each to collect the personal garage for comfortable and safety of car. Through the advantages of garage house you could save form dents, which directly obtained by clashing with another vehicle inside the parking venue, or if the parking venue is near about the playing ground defiantly increased the chance of many damages from there. Various profit form use garage for your car safety.

Several tips surely help you a lot to security through garage door that follows as:

1. Be always in contact with that will present of time you need. Because no one knows exactly when ever the bad time would be faced. So, make yourself better secure about this way as soon as possible.

2. Apparently, Consider you garage each parts upgraded with running time. If the expiration od any such of parts or oil fulfillers. Which impaction are in result of financially or may be possible then it can hurt our body also

3. While getting malfunction, garage indicated some signs like as: sounds will comes during the doors open and closed, doors slowly all of sudden, or make big noise. However, is you unidentified the noise here its come, the called professional for repairing.

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Give death to all skin diseases within few days

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We all have days when they don’t look as young & vital as we’d like to but there’s no require to yet. There a whole host of quick & effective beauty tricks to knock off the years without the necessity for needles or surgical procedure. Definitely, any magic concealed that gives you flawless & beautifully skin with in countable seconds, several tips which delivered by our conquer specialists & give agreement with regard of guarantee for your glowing face.


Narrow or over-plucked eyebrows can be but until recently the only solution were a brow transplant (painful & dear) semi-permanent make-up (pricey & it fades) or an eyebrow pencil. Now you can fake eyebrows care Delavigne would be proud of with realistic looking extensions. Same as the eye brow individual hair could be colored unlikely, whether changed brow shape increase the length.

Ideal for special occasion, the hairs can be applied to brows skin which using water-resistant adhesive. The time period about 3o minutes in the work of the treatment accomplishment.


In case you think facial best wrinkle filler are the largest telltale signs of ageing you’re wrong: your hands are the greatest giveaway. The skin tends to be narrow & suns destroy cause brown spots & wrinkling. While make-up can helps to make ideal glowing face, it’s harder with the hands. In case of hand make up then concentrated cream will used to expel the rough sign from the hands with in few days.


When grey roots make an appearance & you can’t get to the hairdressers try a blending wend, from stylist josh wood. It is speedy & straightforward to make use of. Its non-permanent instant color hides grays & disguises re-growth. Sweep the brush along the roots of wet or dry hair & blow dry to set.


Bronzed skin looks smother so a0 will help make cellulite less noticeable by hiding lumps & bumps. In case you use a fake tan that contains ingredients such as caffeine to help shrink & smooth the dimples then it’s doubly effective. Skinny tan 7-day tanner gives skin a natural golden glow within couple of hours while working to firm, tone & cellulite impaction were completed. Chiefly, they have seen some irrational impaction through dreadful smell from chemical products.

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Save yourself by seasonal overhaul impactions

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With the outside temperatures beginning to rise it’s time to give your skin a well-earned seasonal overhaul. After the long winter months there’s a lovely chance that your complexion is looking dull and lackluster.Chilled weather, ageing and lack of exfoliation can all lead to skin looking less than vibrant at this time of year. When you are young your skin cells naturally renew themselves every 28 days or so but by the time you hit your 40s that rate slows down to every 40 days. During after period your natural acne treatment will look dull and burled. The first step is to peel away the elderly layers and to clear the pores. Exfoliating plays a key part and you can do this using home treatment peels, scrubs and pads. You may also require investing in a professional treatment better results.


Home peel ingredients are not as strong as those used by professionals so are usually safe for most people but in case you have a skin rejuvenation condition it’s best to see a specialist. And keep in mind your post peel care is as important so it is vital to wear a sun protection of at least SPF 15 every day.

1. From my own skincare range, HSS microdermabrasion, contains minute particles of diamonds and vitamin E deliver new birth to our dead skin. Eventually, Vitamin E is useful for all skin types; it also doubles up as a mask for luminous skin.

2. A scrub can be harsh for delicate skin so sanctuary spa Facial active reverse leave-on Exfoliating cream is ideal in case you require a light option. With fruit acids that increase cell turnover, it ought to be applied to cleansed skin.

3. Fruit-based acids including goji berry, blueberry extracts, grape seed and cranberry, and salicylic acid is almost remove dead skin cells and brighten skin.

4. In case you are looking for a more intense treatment try ole henriksen power peel micro dermabrasion and acid peel method. The potent three-stage treatment makes use of an almond-based exfoliating paste and a fruit acid peel. A calming chamomile mask soothes skin afterwards. You can use this treatment one time a week.

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Cosmetic surgery apply to removing unwanted hair from body

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Style queen Victoria beck is has revealed why she ditched her razor for laser hair removal to keep her legs fuzz free. Her friend, Desperate Mostly Housewives actress like as Victoria, says she hasn’t looked back since.

According to experts, you can tough your hair if you seem appearing about hair, it very pleased for any one. Laser hair removal has been around for more than a decade but many women are still wary of it. For some skin tag and hair colors it has been for posh.



Although laser technology has come on in leaps and bounds the procedure is not for each. It’s probably not sure that laser experiments would be apply for all kinds of people, because lasers did not suit all skin or hair types or inside the body area. In inexperienced hands you can end up with patchy pigmentation marks. Rarely, the wrong treatment can even the wrong treatment can even help to increased hair growth. It is vital your therapist has the right experience and equipment to do the procedure. A report on the cosmetic surgery industry led by NHS medical director sir Bruce Keogh called for legislation in the laser hair removal industry but until that happens make sure you go to a reputable clinic or salon.



  • Laser hair removal uses on the body even any part, except near the eyes, including upper lip, face, and neck, and chest, bikini line, under arms, legs and stomach fat.
  • In the laser treatments, laser works directly attack on pigment hair follicle so body skin color and hair type crucial when deciding which type of laser is best for you.
  • Those Peoples have light skin and dark hair are easiest to take treatment but the lower the contrast between the two, for example, ash blonde hair with pale skin, the harder it is to get good results.
  • Various lasers are in use and each one is suitable for a particular skin type and hair color.