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Latest hi-tech beauty gizmos which delivers most beauty

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Switch on the latest hi-tech beauty gizmos you can use at home, which deliver clinic-style results at fraction of the cost. Each gizmos have simple designed and comfortable used and no side effects. Harley street expert Dr. Aamer khan recommended better option for his customers those could be careful about beauty.


Body buffer

Elle Macpherson body brush is a rechargeable body polisher which boosts circulation to help exfoliate and tighten skin. It’s safe enough for sensitive skin and also everyday use – just moisturize afterwards.

Skin Buffer

Fancy a facial-worthy complexion? Olay Regenerate 3 point super cleansing system, removes four times more make-up and grime than manual cleansing for super squeaky-clean skin!


Love My Skin Spotlight is a small portable gadget which uses red light therapy, the light that helps regenerate skin cells and clear spots. Use it for one minute, three times a day. The gadget filorga mesotherapist, and brilliant at home treatment inspired by clinical mesotherapy treatments which you use every other day in the evening. After three weeks skin will be supple, firm and radiant.


Bliss fatgirlslim lean machine contouring system is a vacuums massager, which reduce the look of cellulite. Use the cream beforehand and the lifting, rolling, pulsing action will work with the cream to help firm.

Hair Removal

Remington i-light pro intense pulsed light hair removal, uses the same technology as salons, bt it’s fast, easy and painless. Initially use three time, two weeks apart to target hair and result should last up to six months.

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Meet the New Generation of Face and Body Fixers

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   Dermapen: The latest way to shrink pores and fade acne scars and stretch marks, it’s a modern version of micro-needling (Which used a roller to puncture skin), with finer needles that adjust to reach different levels of the dermis, stimulating collagen and elastic for smother skin. The cost of treatment is affordable which in 3-4 weeks. The downtime treated areas may feel swollen and tight for a day or two.


Eyebrow and lash transplant surgery is super-sophisticated now. Hairs are taken from the back of the scalp to the brow, where they are precisely angled to follow its line. The hair falls out within four weeks, but the follicle has been transplanted, so within 10-12 weeks a new hair grows permanently. Brows will need maintaining, as transplanted hair grows longer than brow hair. The same procedure is used brow hair. The same procedure is used for eyelashes.


Restylane booster revitalizes skin with tiny injections under its surface to restore moisture balance and even out the skin tone.


Proshock ice gets rid of fat using acoustic waves. Even after exercise and diet you can sometimes be left with those stubborn parts of your body. We carry out a number of experience and tested which changed the perception of watching body.

4. LIFT & GO!

Mini lifts with higher demand for speedier healing and short recovery times, surgical procedures are being overtaken by mini lifts and tucks for the neck, face and tummy which can be performed in a day and are a fraction of the cost of full cosmetic surgery.

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